Focal Sopra N2

Focal Sopra N2

Focal Sopra N2
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Sopra N°2 represents the pinnacle of contemporary high-end speakers, skillfully blending dynamic performance, efficient space utilization, and rich harmonics. This model marks the beginning of a new chapter in "Premium High End" audio, embracing innovative criteria for performance. Its compact and stylish design, along with its pure and distinct character, ensures it seamlessly fits into your living space.

Featuring the most advanced midrange drivers Focal has ever created, incorporating NIC and TMD technologies, the Sopra n°2 redefines the boundaries of sound clarity in a surprisingly small package. Unlike the more extravagant and larger Utopia series, Sopra focuses on maximum compactness for easy placement in moderately sized areas. The Sopra n°2 thrives in spaces up to 320 square feet (30 square meters) and remains suitable for even larger areas up to 750 square feet (70 square meters).

If you wish for a product with a different finishes color, please contact us directly. 

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