Vicoustic - Vari Bass Ultra

Vicoustic - Vari Bass Ultra

Vicoustic - Vari Bass Ultra
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Bass-frequency resonance is one of the most difficult acoustic issues to solve in any room. Until now, the most effective options have generally involved using bass traps that are specifically designed or customized to fit the room. However, these solutions can often be expensive and invariably involve complex measuring procedures. There’s also little scope for flexibility if changes are made to the listening space, such as moving furniture or gear.

Vari Bass Ultra is designed for use in any professional recording space, home studio, or hi-Fi room. Made from MDF with high-pressure laminate, it includes high-density acoustic foam in the interior that was covered with gray fabric. The bass trap can be tuned between 50 Hz and 100 Hz by simply moving up or down its top (which has a series of resonant pots) until the problem disappears. A scale is included to show the exact frequencies on which the Vari Bass Ultra is acting.

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