NAD C399 w/ BluOS-D Module

NAD C399 w/ BluOS-D Module

NAD C399 w/ BluOS-D Module
Demo Unit

Step into the future of high-fidelity sound with the NAD C399 featuring the BluOS-D module, now available for just $2,299 — a significant saving from the retail price of $2,599. This demo unit, in immaculate condition, is a testament to NAD's commitment to audio excellence.

The C399 with BluOS-D module is a powerhouse of innovation, offering streaming capabilities and high-resolution audio playback. Its Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier technology ensures a pure, detailed, and powerful sound that brings your music to life. The addition of the BluOS-D module adds versatility, allowing for seamless integration into your smart home audio network.

Take advantage of this special offer, which includes free shipping. Visit our website to see pictures and to learn more about this remarkable device. To place an order, click "Contact to Order" and elevate your audio experience today.

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