"From the beginning of Peachtree, we've tried to merge old-school audiophile thinking, where sound quality always comes first, with a decidedly new-school digital/computer audio savvy mindset. The result has been a series of award-winning amplifiers, DACs and speakers enjoyed by music lovers all over the world.

Peachtree Audio introduced our first product in 2007: the groundbreaking Decco* integrated amplifier. Audio industry veterans Jim Spainhour and David Solomon recognized that music listeners were moving toward computer-based audio, but the business-as-usual industry was not adjusting.

Unwilling to compromise audio quality for the admitted convenience of digital files, they conceived of a new kind of integrated amplifier. This would be an amplifier with a digital-to-analog converter inside, able to extract maximum fidelity from computer music files and from digital music streamers like Sonos and Apple TV. Thus was the iconic Decco born - debuting to great critical acclaim and laying the foundation of Peachtree Audio's reputation for innovation and great sound at down to earth prices.

* The Decco was the world's first integrated amplifier to feature a USB input, allowing its onboard digital-to-analog converter to process music files directly from a computer."

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Peachtree Audio Nova300 and Nova500

Nova300 - Piano Black (Mocha finish available)

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Peachtree Audio Nova300 and Nova500

Nova500 - Piano Black (Open Box)

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